When you see someone walking down the street in a fabulous fur, the first thing you think isn’t “I wonder if that coat is new or vintage?” No – the first thing you probably think is “that coat is gorgeous, I want one!”

The point is that you can’t really tell the difference between a pre-owned fur and a new fur, nor would you think twice about it. Our fur experts carefully examine and consider each and every one of our vintage or pre-owned furs based on three factors: original quality, current condition and styling. Then they clean it, mend it and then it’s as good as new! So you may be paying the price of a pre-owned fur, but at the quality of one that’s brand new. And you know savvy shopping never goes out of style.

A discussion about vintage fur coats couldn’t come soon enough. There’s a big vintage “boom” right now and this quote from the URBANTIMES explains it best:

“There’s something romantic about vintage fashion; the stories behind the clothing is something that leaves me wondering about the wearer and their accomplishments, their lifestyle and the life changing events they might have faced; a 1920’s flapper girl, a 1940’s wartime woman or a 1980’s punk rocker. Vintage brings an element of discovery to dressing up, whilst filling wardrobes with individuality, eccentricity and quirkiness. Vintage fashion has an indescribable power to allure women into a whimsical, fairytale world where they have the ability to be whoever they want to be through the clothing they wear.”

Not to mention that a used fur is the most economical, environment friendly coat you could purchase. A fur lasts much longer than say, a wool or cotton coat (when constructed well and taken care of properly) and a fur can typically be restyled. We restyle hundreds of coats every year; extending the lives of these coats so more people can enjoy them. So while you could go through 50 different coats in your lifetime, a fur will always be there.


But back to the topic at hand… vintage coats are the glamorous, thrifty option for those who love fur. It’s just as touchable, stylish and luxurious as new fur, but don’t take our word for it –celebrities, dignitaries and sophisticated fur wearers find our very trendy Fur Exchange is a truly exciting place to shop and discover a unique fur at a fraction of its original cost. We have just about everything, from mink and rabbit to lynx and fox. Many of these coats have estimated original prices of thousands of dollars – yet we’re selling them for hundreds! Get in soon, before someone else takes advantage of these steals.