If you’re looking to buy an incredibly beautiful “Vintage” or “Pre-Owned” fur
at a fraction of its original cost, visit our trendy “Fur Exchange”!

Each year, we accept hundreds of “trade-ins” towards the purchase of beautiful new Flemington furs. We also take in hundreds of furs on a consignment basis, many of which are fine vintage fur coats. Sophisticated fur wearers from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut, recognize the very best are sold here at a fraction of their original cost! Our experts carefully examine and consider every vintage or pre-owned fur based on three factors: original quality, current condition and styling. Once they’re professionally cleaned and glazed, these furs find their way into a beautiful Soho-like boutique just around the corner from our flagship Flemington Fur location. Every fur sold at the Fur Exchange comes with an exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned Fur” designation, which guarantees its quality. Now you can buy an estate fur, vintage fur or gently used fur coat, jacket, or stroller at a fabulous price and know what you’re getting! So come in and shop the finest collection of pre-owned furs available anywhere. And, oh yes, we should also mention that our skilled craftsmen can restore, resize or redesign almost any Fur Exchange item. You’d be amazed at how easily we can create a useful, practical and stunning “new” fashion you’ll wear all season long.

Explore our incredible selection, featuring products in hues from exuberant jewel tones to muted neutrals in:
* Mink  * Fox  * Coyote   * Persian & Swakara Lamb   * Chinchilla   * Sable   * Lynx   * Beaver   * and more!

Our collection features a wide array of styles from classic to ultra-modern, including, but not limited to:
* Coats   * Capes   * Jackets   * Strollers   * Headbands   * Stoles   * Boleros   * Ponchos   * and more!