Transform Your Fur’s Style

From a small update to a complete makeover, our expert furriers are skilled designers who can completely change the look of an older fur or give a newer fur a modern update. A fur coat can turn into a jacket or vest, or even fur trim on a cape. We can also adjust the length, shoulders, sleeves and more. Whatever you choose, our specialists will deliver stylish results in looks you’ll love. Get the most value out of your treasured fur today.


A Special Fur Made For You

Our experts can create a special order that’s personalized for you with exceptional results. Whether it’s a specific fur type, color or style, your fur will be meticulously crafted to your exact specifications and completed on time and as promised. Your satisfaction of your custom order fur is our top priority.


Bring In Your Old Fur For A Beautiful, New Flemington Fur

A pre-owned fur in good condition is a perfect trade-in option. Our professionals will examine your fur and provide a valuable assessment. Based on the style and current condition of your pre-owned fur, you’ll receive a trade-in value that you can use toward the purchase of a beautiful, new Flemington fur.


We Set High Standards

From simple fixes to the most intricate modifications, you’ll love the results of Flemington Furs’ expert repair and alteration services. Whether it’s adjusting sleeve lengths, moving buttons or replacing worn linings, we pay careful attention to all the details for results you’ll be happy with. Our skilled fur repair experts also service leather, shearling and cashmere pieces, including wedding dresses and evening gowns.


Preserve The Beauty Of Your Fur For Years To Come

No matter where you purchased your fur, cold storage is a must to maintain its lasting beauty. Our safe, humidity- and temperature-controlled vaults provide the perfect environment for the special care of your fur. Feel free to drop off and pick up your furs and fine outerwear at any time during the year.


Keep Your Fur Looking Its Best

Cleaning and conditioning your investment piece will help extend the life of your fur. Our exclusive Platinum Seal process, the finest available, gently cleans, restores and revitalizes the natural beauty and luster of your fur. You’ll love the softness and suppleness of your fur immediately afterward. We also meticulously clean leathers, shearlings and all types of luxury outerwear.


Bring Back Your Fur’s Natural Color

Over time, your fur may change in color and have a dull appearance. Our exclusive color restoration process brightens and refreshes the natural color of your fur. Bring in your fur for a color consultation and our restoration experts will explain the process and let you know what to expect.


Protect Your Fur Investment For Life

A professional appraisal will protect your fur against loss or theft. We provide complete, comprehensive evaluations for all types of furs regardless of where or when they were purchased or inherited. Once your appraisal has been completed, you will receive a special Flemington Furs Certificate. We stand behind the values we represent and the services we provide. An appraisal from Flemington Furs is recognized and respected by insurance firms worldwide.


Find Out The Resale Value Of Your Fur

If you’re interested in selling a pre-owned fur on consignment, we can help determine its value and help with the process.* Bring in your vintage or pre-owned fur and one of our experienced professionals will carefully examine it to provide an accurate assessment and resale value. Selling prices are agreed upon in advance. When the item is sold, the selling price is shared 50/50. Consignment furs are placed in The Fur Exchange, located in our flagship Flemington, NJ store.

*All furs must be evaluated by one of our professionals in person. Photos and descriptions do not provide the accurate information needed when assessing the resale value. Consignment furs must be cleaned and processed at a cost of up to $150 before being offered for sale.