One Family.Three Generations.


Today our nearly hundred year old, family-owned business has grown into North America’s largest single outlet open to the public for beautiful women and men’s fur coats. We have stores in Flemington, New Jersey, and Huntington, Long Island, with plans for more locations in the near future.


                         Spacious Settings. Freedom to Browse.


At our main showroom in Flemington, New Jersey, discover showroom after showroom filled with thousands of furs in all types, colors, styles, sizes, and treatments. Visit our FASHIONS ABOVE Department and discover “fun-furs”, shearlings, leathers, fine cashmere and wools, as well as a breathtaking collection of women’s fur coats, hats, headbands, accessories and so much more. For the men, GENTLEMEN’S QUARTERS offers an outstanding array of furs, leathers, and shearlings – all with a sense of style tailored for today’s man.


                         Exclusive Services. Extraordinary Care.


Take advantage of our wide range of additional services that can preserve, repair, and revitalize your fur. From fur cleaning and storage during the summer, to repairs and remodels to appraisals and color restoration. We can custom tailor a fur coat to your exact measurements, desired style and personal specifications. And even repair and alter any existing fur garment you might own.


For more information, give us a call today and speak to a Flemington Fur expert.