The furs of today are nothing like the ones passed down from your grandma: they’re chic, wearable and showcase a variety of beautiful textures that add interest and intrigue.

Whether it’s inherent to the fur (like luxurious Persian Lamb) or techniques applied by expert furriers, texture is very valuable. Not only is it a delight to touch, it adds visual nuances that will have heads turning! Weaving fur together, shearing fur at different lengths and using advanced craft techniques allow us to create more supple, lightweight and stylish fur coats for any season.

Knitted: Fur can be woven together in a variety of ways, creating depth and an architectural allure unlike any ordinary coat! You can get a knitted or crocheted look, something mosaic or tiled, windows and netting, twisted or braided… the possibilities are endless.

1911821_742722939096636_8994448798550194386_nFeathering: Clipping fur in layers to produce a feathering effect, this technique results in a look that is at once edgy and classic.

Fringe: Fringe is very stylish right now in the world of fashion. It’s a refined yet playful compliment to ponchos and coats for any fur lover.

Grooving: Shearing fur in “stripes” of alternating widths and depths. The result is similar to corduroy; the stripes can be wide or narrow. For those who are texture adverse, this is a simple way to add just a bit of design to your fur coat.

Combining fur with textiles: Lace. Wool. Leather… sometimes all it takes is some fur trim to really make these everyday fabrics and materials pop.