A key reason you place your furs in cold storage is so that they stay soft and supple year after year. And as long as your fur has been cared for properly, there’s nothing we can’t do at Flemington Fur. Bring us any aging fur you’re not wearing for any reason – inherited or otherwise- and let our expert craftsmen restyle it into something you’ll want to be seen in all winter long!

Your options are endless. Here are just a few examples of what you can do:

Length: Go from full length to stroller. Or turn your fur into a jacket you’ll wear every day.

Style: Many older, vintage styles have a “straight cut” along the body, masking your lovely shape. We can update it to enhance every asset and give it chic, new look.

Color: Is the coat you’ve inherited anything but the right color for you? Is it faded and looking “worn”? If so, in most cases, we can dye the fur to give it a fresh new appearance.

Cuffs/Collars: We can add collars and cuffs of any shape and size. You won’t believe how fashionable even the most outdated styles can become. Adding fur trims to any garment is something we do as well as any place on the planet.

Accessories: Think earmuffs, scarves, stoles – and even accessories for the home (like pillows, rugs and throw blankets). We’ll take your aging fur and turn it into something special!