Fur is more versatile now than it was a hundred years ago.  It used to be that fur was only worn by the most affluent of women, to the ballroom or opera. Elite movie stars from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s donned fur coats on screen and everyday women sighed with admiration and aspiration. Today, fur is still a symbol of luxury and status, but it is no longer impossible to get your hands on. There are fur coats made in every price range, from Sable at the price of $70,000 to Mink at an affordable price of $3,000.  Fur is also no longer limited to wearing to extravagant social events. At Flemington Furs, we have hundreds of styles that work with different lifestyles. So whether you are looking for something fancy for your next gala, or you’re looking for a casual fur coat for whatever life throws at you, we have you covered!

Fur Coats

Our fur coats typically are knee-floor length. When you think of a fur coat you may imagine one that you would inherit from your grandmother, like a floor-length mink coat.  The fur coats of today are made from much more stylish cuts, but are still luxurious as ever – like the one pictured above! If you spend a lot of time going out in the city for dinner or special events in the cold harsh winter, a fur coat is an investment worth making.


Fur Jackets


Most of our fur jackets are more lightweight than a coat (yet just as warm), and typically cut off at the waist. They are extremely versatile and most can be worn for more casual weekend activities, but even the most simplest of fur jackets are elegant enough to wear for a special occasion. We even have fur jackets with zippers and hods! It’s really the best choice for someone looking for the best of both worlds.

Fur Vests


A fur vest is the ultimate high-fashion staple, made lustworthy by celebrities like Marykate & Ashley Olsen, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian and Rachel Zoe. Now, faux fur vests are available just about everywhere. But when you try on a real fur vest you won’t be able to resist its soft and stylish traits. Choose a fur vest in a neutral color that you wear often. Black, brown, grey or beige vests can instantly spruce up any outfit, and can be worn from early fall well into the first weeks of spring. If you’re looking for the essential, luxurious layering piece this season, a fur vest is for you.

Fur Capes & Ponchos


Click the image to shop this look!

The poncho is a refreshing change from the coat if you’re looking for something a little more lightweight. The one pictured above is a perfect example of how far the poncho has come in today’s fashion world. It’s clean, classy silhouette makes it the perfect option for every outfit from dresses to leggings and booties!


These are just a few of the styles we have available on premise at Flemington Furs. And remember, we can modify every coat to make it perfect for YOU. When it comes to fur, there’s nothing we can’t handle! After browsing through the largest selection of beautiful furs under one roof in North America, and you still find there’s a style you’d love in a fur type, color or size that’s right for you, we’ll make a beautiful custom Special Order just for you! We take tremendous pride in the number of “specials” we make each year. Fit is guaranteed while work is meticulously done and completed on time as promised!