One of the obvious reasons women love fur so much is the soft, luscious feel. There’s no better feeling of fur against your skin! It’s truly amazing how fur’s texture can vary depending on its source. No matter how many clothing brands try to duplicate the feel of real fur, the feel of faux fur just never seems to compare. But before you even touch fur, you can see the texture it adds to your outfit. You have Mongolian lamb fur with its wavy, plush fluff, then you have mink with its sleek, shiny coat, and then there’s Persian lamb which is known for its tightly curled glossy fur. And there are many more different types of fur, each one with a unique texture.

If you’re into fashion, you understand the importance of balancing different fabrics. The look and feel is what brings an outfit to life! And fur isn’t the only texture we love. Leather, lace, silk, jacquard, needlepoint, feather, chiffon, and beaded embellishment are all ways to step up your fashion game. Find ways to incorporate them in small amounts into your outfit. When carefully paired, these individual textiles create stellar combinations. Mix and match on your own, or keep an eye out for pieces that already do it for you!