Did you know the most commonly restyled fur is mink, since mink is the most popular fur purchased new and it is the most durable fur (lasting 50 years or more)? This is a common way to get the most value out of your fur coat, especially if it was something you inherited. At Flemington Furs, we will help you to rethink your mink or any aging fur and turn it into an awe-inspiring new look you’ll be thrilled to wear! The possibilities are endless, and it’s all done in a smart, cost effective manner. See for yourself – here are some of the things we can do here in our factory with some of the best furriers in the industry:

  1. Have it shortened: A long fur coat can be made shorter and excess material can be used to create pockets or details on the coat.
  2. Have it taken in/out: A more tailored fit can be achieved if a coat is too bulky, and then of course we can also add more material to the coat if it’s too small for you.
  3. Have shoulder work done: Softening the shoulders is a good option and will help give a fur coat a more modern and less structured look.
  4. Turn it into a vest: We get many requests to turn old fur coats into vests, and this is a great idea for those who live in a warm climate that only dips to the 40s or so during the cold weather months.
  5. Have it sheared: Sheared mink is as soft as velvet, and will give your coat a sportier look.
  6. Add fur trim: You can add a different kind of fur as trim to make your coat a little more fun. Mixing textures is a very fashion-forward move. You can also add fur trim to a non-fur coat which will make it a more luxurious.
  7. Add zippers or buttons: We can put some gorgeous buttons and clasps on a coat if you’re looking for that special touch, or we could add a zipper for shorter coats if you want it to look more like a jacket.
  8. Add a hood: A fur hood will protect you from the harsh winter, this is ideal for people in very cold environments.
  9. Line a non-fur coat: We can line just about any coat or jacket you have with warm, soft fur!
  10. Turn it into an accessory: Any leftover fur from remodels can be turned into fur stoles, scarves, collar, hats, earmuffs, purse, throw, pillow cover… whatever your heart desires!

If this blog post helped you get an idea of what you’re looking to do, just stop by Flemington Furs and we’ll begin to turn your ideas into reality.